Live in America


Residency Information

Live in America Festival Residents

Artists from the Live in America Festival, along with their collaborators, stay at the residency for ten to fourteen days. (We do not accept residency applications.)

While these artists self-select their personal goals for their residency, they also engage with local creatives:

  • Public lectures and artist-led workshops. Free-to-attend workshops and lectures address a wide range of artist-selected topics: establishing and nurturing careers, building networks, maintaining community connections, finding joy inside the work, and/or arts skill-building.
  • Breaking bread together. Artists participate in a community dinners hosted at the residency. These smaller dinner gatherings are spaces for organic conversation, growing relationships, and dreaming of future partnerships.
  • Local arts events. Over the course of their stay, artists attend community arts events in order to better understand and connect to networks of artists in Northwest Arkansas.


Local Residencies

Local creatives use the residency house as a space for mini-retreats or to host their own events.  These residency stays are first offered to members of the CoOp.

  • These creatives attend events hosted at the residency during their stay.
  • They’ll participate in Live in Springdale programming–as audience members, artists, local producers, stage managers, etc.
  • They attend dinners with out-of-town artists.