Live in America


Free Range Programming

Yard Art Celebration of Artist Natalie George

With Collaborators Megan Pobywajlo and Reilly Dickens-Hoffman
Saturday, May 11th
7 to 9pm
Live in America Residency House
506 Holcomb in Springdale
Free! All are welcome!

Growing up, I found myself continually drawn to a particular ceramic piece in my house— a clay figure with a hemp jump rope holding a sketched invitation to play. As a lighting designer I often find myself creating solo, feeling like this lone clay figure. Come Play with Me is a vibrant and energetic expression of my desire for collaboration. Working with a team of NWA creatives, we’ve built a structural overhead playground that invites the community to immerse themselves (and add to!) a world of color, light, and hundreds of jump ropes. Together, we reimagine the boundaries of art and community, inviting all to join in the joyful pursuit of creativity and play.